… now is a great opportunity to ensure you maximise the value out of the growing variety of service providers in an increasingly competitive market.  But with this comes complexity. 

Defining what value means to you may be harder than you think and finding the right provider to meet your requirements and objectives can be challenging.

And there is more to procurement than ensuring clarity of scope and competitive pricing.  A good deal of importance should be placed on the quality of the working relationship.  Honesty, openness and enjoyment of the relationship can be key to productivity, effectiveness and sustainability.

I have extensive experience of working with in-house counsel and senior business managers to find the right legal service providers for their specific requirements, at the right price, while ensuring that services are delivered effectively and that both parties benefit from the relationship.

I work with barristers, solicitors, alternative legal service providers and technology to provide solutions, completely objectively based entirely on meeting the client’s requirements in the best possible way for them.

More details can be found on my Services page.  And of course, I’d love the opportunity to discuss any potential requirements with you.  Here’s how you can contact me …