The depth and diversity of my experience mean I can offer effective services for a wide variety of clients in or around the legal sector.

My primary client base consists of businesses, of varying sizes.  For some, I support an in-house legal function.  Others fit into the growing category of businesses large enough to have serious legal requirements, but not to have an in-house lawyer.

I also do work for providers of legal services and other types of business (primarily technology) that offer services to the legal sector.

My services can be delivered in many ways, either remotely or on site and can involve a wide range of activities, including:

  • Presentations and workshops
  • Written reports and plans
  • Policies, process documents and procedures
  • Longer term projects involving a combination of the above

I am happy to give one-off presentations, to produce written reports and plans, conduct training sessions or work on longer term projects involving a combination of these.  It’s all down to what best meets your requirements and what I can offer that I know will be effective.


My aim is to use my knowledge and experience to provide tangible commercial value. This can derive from my knowledge and experience enabling quality of outcome, from savings of time or cost or combinations of all three.

My pricing will fairly reflect value, whether by fixed pricing, percentage, outcomes or (if clients require) time-based charging.

My clients place a high value on my market knowledge and objectivity.  To preserve this I do not enter into any referral arrangements with providers of legal services.