The legal services market is changing. Rapidly.

Buyers of legal services are demanding more for their money, both in terms of output and the way in which services are delivered. In short, they are looking for value. But it is no longer solely in the hands of the lawyers to dictate what value should look like.  This is now a collaborative, but client-driven process.

This market makes for more opportunity than ever for businesses to gain maximum commercial effectiveness from legal services providers.

Equally, we are entering an era of great opportunity for lawyers and their organisations to gain competitive advantage by listening to the market and realigning themselves so as to maximise their capability to deliver value.

In summary, it’s an exciting time to be either a buyer or seller of legal services, but with this comes complexity.  You can have too many options and opportunities, creating a risk of making wrong decisions – or no decisions at all.

Clerkingwell Consulting can help both buyers and sellers of legal services to make the most out of the opportunities of the 21st century legal services market.